Cara Crakine

         Toasted biscuit pieces mixed with a caramel infused chocolate cream surround in milk chocolate


          Milk Chocolate Truffle

          34% milk chocolate couvature ganache with a hint of caramel encompassed by a milk chocolate shell



          Strawberry puree blended with our milk chocolate to make a refreshing ganache housed in milk chocolate



        Smooth creamy caramel infused with vanilla in a dark or milk chocolate shell


        Earl Grey

        Milk and Dark chocolate ganached infused with earl grey tea and shelled in milk chocolate


         Orange Creamsicle

         Combination of orange and vanilla blended into milk chocolate ganache housed in a milk chocolate shell


          Sea Salt Caramel

         Creamy cramel infused with vanilla and topped with just the right amount sea salt 



        Milk chocolate ganache bursting with rum flavor in a milk chocolate shell


        Peanut Butter Melt

       Smooth blend of peanut butter and whole milk for a creamy taste in a milk chocolate shell


          Vanilla Butter Cream

          Traditional rich butter cream infused with vanilla housed in a milk chocolate shelll

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