Almond Truffle                                      

          Dark chocolate ganache infused with pure almond oil  


           Italian Roast                          

           Whole Italian roast espresso beans submerged in a dark chocolate creamand housed in a dark chocolate shell


          Saint Domingue

          70 % single origin dark chocolate ganache shelled in white chocolate

          We put this in the dark catagory because of the centers rich dark chocolate flavor

          Irish Cream

           Rich liquor flavored cream surrounded by a dark chocolate shell


          Lemon Basil

          White chocolate ganache infused with fresh basil and lemon, enrobed in our 58%dark chocolate


        Dark Chocolate Truffle     

         58% cacao dark chocolate couvature ganache in a dark chocolate shell



        80% cacao blend from Africa. The ganache has a slight fruity taste and enrobed in our 58% dark chocolate.



        Dark chocolate ganache infused with raspberries in a dark chocolate shell



        Smooth creamy caramel infused with vanilla in a dark or milk chocolate shell



        White chocolate ganache made with refreshing mint enrobed on dark chocolate


         Lemon Meringue

         White chocolate ganache blended with lemon and shelled in dark chocolate


        Vanilla Butter Cream

        Traditional rich butter cream infused with vanilla and housed in a dark chocolate shell


          Sea Salt Caramel

          Creamy caramel ifused with vanilla, topped with sea salt then shelled in dark chocoate



         Combination of raspberry and lemon infused  into white chocolate ganche then enclosed in dark chocoate


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