American Classics

We love the classics such as turtles and chocolate covered pretzels. But we also love Belgian chocolate. So we combined the two to give you perfection,

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Almond Butter Crunch

Homemade almond toffee center surrounded by Belgian chocolate and topped with crushed almonds. This ..

Amond Bark

Salted and roasted almonds are mixed in rich Belgian chocolate and cut into perfect size squares to ..

Cashew Turtles

A new twist on a traditional Southern treat. Creamy caramel is poured over roasted cashews and coate..

Chocolate Dipped Pretzels (12pc Box)

A favorite of the northeast and becoming popular all over. We start with Tom Sturgis sour dough pret..

Newtown Nips

Drops of Belgian Chocolate with a shiny texture on one side ..


Smooth, rich, creamy Belgian chocolate drops coated with seasonal colored sprinkles make this treat ..

Pecan Turtles

A Southern treat, creamy caramel is poured over roasted pecans and coated with smooth Beligan c..
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